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RE: STRUCTURAL STEEL: Large Pipe Column?

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Okay, here's what I'm finding out.

API 5L is essentially equivalent to A53 Gr. B.

A53 Gr. B unfortunately has a specified minium yield strength of only 35
KSI. That won't do me a bit of good.


One supplier tells me that it is not difficult to get 20" Dia. X 1/2" Wall
pipe in accordance with A53 Gr. B, which has an Fy of 50 KSI +, and an Fu of
75 KSI +.

He said that they (Tubular Steel, Inc.) has a "proprietary material"
developed in conjunction with USX, which has Fy = 60 KSI and Fu = 80 KSI. He
can get that in any size.

But FORGET about using A618, he said, because you're just not going to be
able to get it. The mills aren't really rolling it.

FURTHER QUESTION: Would it be out-of-bounds to specify A53 Gr. B but with a
higher yield and tensile strength, seeing as how it APPEARS (at least) that
such material is readily obtained (e.g. the fellow told me he had about 120
feet of it sitting in a warehouse in St. Louis)?

Thanks, I'm a bit fuzzy on this "fuzzy spec" business!

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I have been told that round A500 is not readily available in my area (WA
state), so I typically specify A53. Lower yield, but maybe a thick walled
section is available.

As far as how to determine availability, I would contact a local fabricator
and pick their brain as to what ASTM specs are available in the size/wall
thickness you need. HTH

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