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Two questions

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1.  A few days back, there was a post regarding a
freeware called DSLreport. It was indicated that the
firewall needs to be disabled before using DSLreport.
During the time the fireall is disabled, isn't the
computer vulnerable? If so, are there any safeguards
to minimize any serious consequences?

2.  I installed DSL about two weeks back. Since then,
I am frequently coming across a message, "The
application C:\....\IEXPLORE.EXE tries to create an
object of class VBScript". So far, I have been
disallowing such attempts. However, it happens every
time I click to read a post in the list, to the extent
that it is becoming an irritation. Can somebody
enlighten me on what this is all about and if there is
a fix for it.



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