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RE: Construction wind velocities (was Levelling plates or shims ? )

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No one entity is driving this.  It is to be a professional paper for ASCE.
It just makes sense that the extreme wind probability during a given
construction period is less than the probability for extreme wind during the
life of the building.

The AISC Design Guide 10 "Erection Bracing....." references ASCE 7-93 and a
draft version of ASCE Standard "Design Loads on Structures During
Construction".  The ASCE 7-93 is dated and was predicated on "fastest mile"
extreme wind velocities.

The latest draft version of ASCE Standard "Design Loads on Structures During
Construction" that I have, puts pretty much the same modifiers on the wind
velocity that vary with the construction period.  The paper that is in
development by a colleague of mine will attempt to corroborate the factors.
The modifiers are on the velocity, and can reduce the construction wind
stagnation wind pressure to about 60% of the 50 year wind stagnation wind

This type of work is important as we move toward performance based design.

Harold O. Sprague

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> More details? Who is driving this? There's either government money or
> insurance money there. I want to be on the mailing list.
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