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RE: Two questions

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Title: RE: Two questions
I had a post requesting ideas to improve my internet speed.  Several were kind enough to suggest ways to help my solution.  Suggestions such as modifying the firewall protection, testing at, update IE etc. were presented.  I do not know of any software recommended on this thread.
Try setting the IE security for ActiveX Controls.
Reynold Franklin
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Subject: RE: Two questions


You are probably referring to my post.  I recommended a website (not software):

The website has a tools section, with a variety of tools that run online using _javascript_.  For example, you can check your in/out speed, test your firewall security, and tweak your connection settings for optimal performance.  To run the tweaks properly, it is best to first disable your firewall.  Of course, five minutes later, you should re-enable it!

With respect to firewalls, I strongly recommend tiny personal firewall.  It is truly tiny, uses almost no system resources, is highly configurable, is unobtrusive (no pop-up alerts) if properly configured, and stops everything in both directions.  Also, it's free.  It is the firewall used by the U.S. Airforce, to it ought to be secure enough for most of us.


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.

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Subject: Two questions

1.  A few days back, there was a post regarding a
freeware called DSLreport. It was indicated that the
firewall needs to be disabled before using DSLreport.
During the time the fireall is disabled, isn't the
computer vulnerable? If so, are there any safeguards
to minimize any serious consequences?

2.  I installed DSL about two weeks back. Since then,
I am frequently coming across a message, "The
application C:\....\IEXPLORE.EXE tries to create an
object of class _vbscript_". So far, I have been
disallowing such attempts. However, it happens every
time I click to read a post in the list, to the extent
that it is becoming an irritation. Can somebody
enlighten me on what this is all about and if there is
a fix for it.



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