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RE: Two questions

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If it stops EVERYTHING in both directions, then how do you browse the web
and send email? <grin>

Just about any firewall that I am aware of will be unobtrusive (no pop-up
alerts at all) is configured incorrectly.  A good firewall (at least that
I like) will be minimally obtrusive (a few wanted alerts when something
bad is attempting to occur) when configured correctly.  A firewall will be
rather obtrusive if not configured properly to let "accepted" things

Sorry Stan...I could help myself from being a smart a**.  <grin>

Ypsilanti, MI

On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Caldwell, Stan wrote:

> With respect to firewalls, I strongly recommend tiny personal firewall.  It
> is truly tiny, uses almost no system resources, is highly configurable, is
> unobtrusive (no pop-up alerts) if properly configured, and stops everything
> in both directions.  Also, it's free.  It is the firewall used by the U.S.
> Airforce, to it ought to be secure enough for most of us.

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