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RE: Dumb old guys

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So true -- one of the things I enjoy most about this profession is that one is always learning, always growing.  One of the other things I enjoy about this profession is that regardless of how complicated a structure gets, it STILL boils down to basic principles of structural engineering:  Material behavior, load path, statics & dynamics.

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JK wrote: "I would not say civil or structural engineering has
developed much in the past century."
I've heard this charge before.  I think you need to look around.  There are different types of steels, alloys, fastening systems, structural shapes, buckling phenomena, concrete admixtures, lightweight, heavyweight, design methods, engineered wood & treatment methods, use of computers for efficiency, cost savings as a result more accurate design analyses, new types of structural materials, cable stayed and other types of bridges, crossing the English Channel, etc. etc.
The universities still have to teach the basics. Nobody wants to go to school for 10 years.  That's why you get an EIT before PE.  Engineering is a lifetime of learning the old and new.

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