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You are not "Dumb old guys"

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--- Glenn Otto <glenn(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> JK wrote: "I would not say civil or structural
> engineering has
> developed much in the past century."
> I've heard this charge before.  I think you need to
> look around.  There are
> different types of steels, alloys, fastening
> systems, structural shapes,
> buckling phenomena, concrete admixtures,
> lightweight, heavyweight, design
> methods, engineered wood &  treatment methods, use
> of computers for
> efficiency, cost savings as a result more accurate
> design analyses, new
> types of structural materials, cable stayed and
> other types of bridges,
> crossing the English Channel, etc. etc.

There is nothing much people like Roger Turk have
missed since they graduated.

> The universities still have to teach the basics.
> Nobody wants to go to
> school for 10 years.  That's why you get an EIT
> before PE.  Engineering is a
> lifetime of learning the old and new.
No disagreement here. People like Roger Turk should
not be calling himself a "dumb old guys".

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