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Hi friends,

I have a doubt about calculating the Vent Area
according to NFPA 68 (Guide for Venting of

According to Chapter 4 "Venting of Deflagrations in
Low Strength Enclosures", the recommended venting
equation is as follows:



Av is the vent area
C is the venting eq. constant
As is the internal surface area of enclosure, and
Pred the maximum pressure that can be withstood by the
weakest structural element not intended to fail.

According to the values of C given in the guide, does
anyone know what the "St-Number" prefix for dusts

Is it the number of a "standard" sieve, meaning that
the dust material is capable of passing through it?

Does anyone know some value of C for dust of corn (not
as fine as cornstarch)?

Any comment is welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

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