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Re: light gauge metal welding

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Light gage material can be welded fairly effectively with fillet welds.
Usually, our office considers 18 ga about the lightest gage that we are
comfortable with specifying welds.  With 20 gage, we usually specify
connections with TEK screws.  20 gage can be welded if the welder is
extremely careful, but as a rule, we specify 18 ga as a minimum thickness.

In your case, I would specify the connection to the PL3/8 be made with 1/8"
fillet welds on each side of the 16 gage material.  I don't have any
misgivings at all about welding 16 gage material.

Hope that helps.  By the way, is this the Paul Franchesci that I went to
graduate school with at San Jose State University circa 1985?

Greg Showerman, S.E.

p.s.  If you email me your fax number, I will fax you allowable loads for
1/8" fillet welds with light gage material.  The weld strength varies with
the gage of the material, but if memory serves me, I think it is about 1000

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