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Re: Alaskan Engineers read ->RE: IBC vs NFPA5000 (Was IBC1617.6.2...)

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The State Fire Marshall adopted the IBC family of codes which will apply
state wide except localities that have retained code enforcement for
themselves (Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, and some others).  However,
there is currently a law suit in the State Courts that is challenging
this adoption based on state laws that reference the Uniform Building
Code not International Building Code and therefore the IBC can not be
adopted.  There are also bills in the Legislature that in essence will
prohibit the adoption of the IBC, specifically the mechanical code, in
the state.  These bills are being pushed by the mechanical contractors
based on the assumption that 1) the mechanical provisions were not
developed in accordance with ANSI rules, 2) they will have to buy and
read multiple standards that are referenced in the mechanical section,
3) they will have to completely relearn everything because it has all
changed.  Their goal is to hold off the IBC until the NFPA code comes
out and have that adopted.  Its a bunch of hog wash.  Based un
discussions with several mechanical engineers the provisions of the IMC
is essentially the same as the UMC.

"Barry H. Welliver" wrote:
> I was under the impression that Alaska had already adopted the 2000 IBC.
> What is the "uniform codes" issue about. I am under the impression that
> ICC has developed a uniform code with the IBC etc.
> Barry H. Welliver

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