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RE: Construction wind velocities (was Levelling plates or shims ? )

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>The AISC Design Guide 10 "Erection Bracing....."
>references ASCE 7-93 and a draft version of ASCE
>Standard "Design Loads on Structures During
>Construction".  The ASCE 7-93 is dated and was
>predicated on "fastest mile" extreme wind velocities.

It is our practice to reference the current version of all standards at the
time of publication of any AISC document -- and to note which version was
used in the development of our document. We'd obviously suggest that the
user be aware of updates that occur after publication. It's particularly
important in this case since there was a change in basis in ASCE 7 from
fastest mile to 3-second gust from the 93 version to the 98 version.

In our design guide, we used a short exposure period to accomplish what
you've suggested be done, Harold -- reduce the wind loads during
construction so that building-life oriented values are not applied to
erection conditions that wil be exposed for short duration activities.

The draft ASCE standard for loads during construction we referenced is now
approaching completion. It is ASCE 27 or 29 (can't remember and can't seem
to find out through the asce web site). If you like having a lot of
complicated load combinations, this document will thrill you.


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