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RE: OSHA 4 bolt anchorage

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>How is the best way to provide for the
>requirements of the new OSHA steel standard
>when you have the condition where a tube
>which is intended to be buried within a
>perimeter wall?

This is one area where the new OSHA safety regulations will give you fits.
Four rods all in a line meet the language in the standard, but accomplish
nothing in terms of improving erection stability as you mentioned. This is
also a problem when a column lands on a wall.

Not sure exactly what conditions you're dealing with, but one possible
solution is for the base to be located lower and cast into the slab to allow
the use of a spread group of four rods.

It is entirely possible, though, that there will be some cases that the OSHA
requirements for column stability can only be satisfied by guying the
column. This is an expensive field operation, so I would not recommend it
unless you have to.


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