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Re: Metal building frames blown over

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> > From: "Sprague, Harold O." <SpragueHO(--nospam--at)>
> > There is a certain amount of time when erecting pre-engineered buildings
> > that you are vulnerable.  Each frame is set one at a time.  Until you
have 2
> Why are pre-eng frames different in this respect?
> When I do work for pre-eng companies (extraordinary projects using
> system components), I frequently augment their basic erection
> instructions where I see fit. I walk a fine line and get told off from
> both ends (the manufacturer AND the contractor or erector). Usually, the
> contractor/erector doesn't want me to put anything in writing that the
> owner may hold him to perform without additional compensation. Usually,
> that dreaded phrase, "I've been doing it this way for ...", comes up.


You may want to talk with your insurance company about this.  DPIC has told
us not to get involved in the means and methods of construction, unless
hired to do so.  You may just find yourself involved in a lawsuit.

Dan Goodrich, P.E.

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