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Re: aluminum welding

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	Why not make up a stainless steel sleeve to fit around the aluminum
pipe and weld your fins to that?  Make this up in two (or more) pieces
and bolt it tightly around the aluminum pipe.


				H. Daryl Richardson

> SEAINT List wrote:
> Dear Collegues,
> A roofer discovered badly "eaten" base of 3" diameter aluminum pole of
> a church cross on top of a bell tower.  The base of the pole was fixed
> by encasing it in concrete grout which was contained in open pan made
> with steel plates.  When I saw it, I was surprised to see the pole
> lasted as long as it did (built in 1958) as I know aluminum reacts
> with concrete.
> My recommended remedial fix was to weld stainless steel fins on four
> sides of the cross pole and the mild steel pan.  The steel pan is
> secured to the tower roof framing.
> The contractor has contacted seveal welders who all told him that it
> is not possible to weld stainless steel to aluminum.  Is this true?  I
> would appreciate any comments or resouce I could read.  My AWS D1.1
> does not cover welding of disparate base materials.
> Thank you,
> Brad Smith, SE

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