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Re: aluminum welding

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According to AWS D1.2 (Structural Welding Code-Aluminum) Table 1.1, the
only listed non-aluminum material qualified for welding to aluminum
(6061) is ASTM A308, which is a hot-dipped galvanized tern sheet steel.

> SEAINT List wrote:
> Dear Collegues,
> A roofer discovered badly "eaten" base of 3" diameter aluminum pole of
> a church cross on top of a bell tower.  The base of the pole was fixed
> by encasing it in concrete grout which was contained in open pan made
> with steel plates.  When I saw it, I was surprised to see the pole
> lasted as long as it did (built in 1958) as I know aluminum reacts
> with concrete.
> My recommended remedial fix was to weld stainless steel fins on four
> sides of the cross pole and the mild steel pan.  The steel pan is
> secured to the tower roof framing.
> The contractor has contacted seveal welders who all told him that it
> is not possible to weld stainless steel to aluminum.  Is this true?  I
> would appreciate any comments or resouce I could read.  My AWS D1.1
> does not cover welding of disparate base materials.
> Thank you,
> Brad Smith, SE

Forrest T. Braun, P.E.
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Anchorage, Alaska

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