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Field problems

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I just had a steel inspector call me with the following finds on a commercial project i have: 
1.  One column has 3 short anchor bolt, he said  they were short by about 1/4" from the top of the nut.
2.  All the joist bearing plates on the back masonry wall were placed so poorly that the bearing for these roof joists varies from 3" to 2.75".
3.  One roof beam bearing plate was placed about 4" below it's proper elevation, so the GC  welded an inverted WT to the bottom of the beam and bolted the WT to the baseplate.
4.  Concrete cyclinder breaks for exterior foundation wall have not meet 28 day requirements.  But this is for a tote enclosure, not the actual building foundation, so i'm not too concrened.  Am i correct in remembering that concrete can gain about 30% strength after the first 28 days?
Now i'm just waiting for the GC to call asking me to write off on these, which i really don't want to (and really can't since i'm only an EIT :P) .  My boss is out of the office for now, so i thought i'd vent with you all for now and ask for any thoughts/experience you may have.
Alden Manipula