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Masonry Wall Anchorage to Flex. Diaph.

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The project i am working on is similar to the tilt-up
retrofit which were in Div. 91 but this deals with
masonry.  Small 50 years old bldg, 10 feet high
supporting a flexible wood diaphragm with diagonal

The joists are anchored to the wall by a 3/16"x1.5"
wide x 30" long plate embeded into masonry and nailed
to the joist/blocking at 4' o.c.

what would be capacity of these existing anchor - my
guess is to test these anchors.  Is it even worth to
test them?

What is the standard detail that is used currently? -
simpson PHD's with through bolt in wall - washer on
other side of wall, with cross ties??


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