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   As you probably know, metal building companies use a different method
for the analysis and design of rigid frames with web tapered members than
the one proposed by Dr. George C. Lee and used in AISC Appendix F. I find
AISC's method confusing and not practical. I've tried MBMA 1996 Low Rise
Building Systems Manual without success so I am hoping one of you colleagues
can help me.

   Do any of you know where can I get this "methods used by metal building
companies"?  I know they use a simpler way (initial and final depth
determination, depth variation, design tensile, compressive, flexural,
shear, torsional and combined strengths, K, Cm, Cb, supports, etc.) and the
info provided would only be for learning and continuing education purposes.
Is not like I'm becoming competition of these companies when they share
their information with me. Maybe there's not such info available but an
outline or an example might help me.


Juan Jose Treff

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