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RE: Drilled piers vs piles

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	Why not what?  Why do they not use them anymore?  I can't say for certain,
maybe Bill can help us.  I have reviewed plans by other engineers from
around the Houston area, and they used a full crawl space foundation,
drilled piers with formed grade beams and a sub-surface drainage system
consisting of trenches.  This was a small project.  About 5,000 sf.
	I also designed a project in Austin.  We had some problems with the drilled
piers (the contractor thought it was okay to pour the grade beams with about
a foot of mud on top of the piers).  I hired a local engineer to take
pictures, review the fix, etc.  He told me his firm no longer allowed void
boxes.  Apparently, on one project, some subsurface water developed below
the slab and accumulated in the grade beam voids.  I don't know what the
result was or why it would not happen with a crawl space foundation, but it
changed his design process.  Also, during an early conference call with the
civil, geotech, architect, and owner; the geotechnical engineer indicated
their firm had done some forensic work on a foundation failure and
determined the cardboard carton forms were the cause.
	I still use them all the time.

Brian K. Smith, P.E.

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OK, Why Not???

George Richards, P. E.

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