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RE: Drilled piers vs piles

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"Okay, but the question is why not?  Is there something special about
Houston that precludes their use."

I'm no void box expert, in fact I heard of them for the first time today,
but I have lived in both Dallas and Houston and I would hazard to guess that
Houston's flooding has something to do with it.  Dallas is typically pretty
dry, and if you don't live next to a creek, you don't see flooding.
Houston, on the other hand, sees widespread flooding fairly often, and in
fact much of it is drained swamp land that displays a tendency to return to
its roots a few times a year.  Hence, anything that could act as a big water
sump under your home seems to make much less sense in Houston than in
Dallas.  Crawl spaces are accessible and can be entered if needed to address
drainage problem, or at least vented to let water evaporate, and thus could
be less of a liability.  With that WAG, I now step out of the great void box


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