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RE: UBC: How Do You Interpret 1997 UBC Parag

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Now comes my ignorant question:

Other than due to tributary area, is there any other rationale for reduction
of the live load?

(The reason for my ignorance is that I have never used a reduction for live
load. I'm just a bit conservative that way, I suppose. Partly this has to do
with my training on Wal-Marts, where due to some specific past problems of
roof structural failure we did not reduce live load for any reason. But now
I'm having to examine the calculations of the EOR where he DID use the LL

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Maybe the low loads you get after reductions is the reason why many codes
(not including ACI) do not allow live load  reductions based on tributary
area for parking garages along with places of assembly, vaults, strongrooms

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