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RE: OSHA 4-bolt anchorage

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>Charlie do you know who the professionals were (read engineers)
>who were involved in these new OSHA safety regulations.  It would
>be nice to invite them on the list-server so they could be involved in the

The list of SENRAC members is in the Federal Register (surf to Jan 18, 2001 on page 5197).

As far as I can tell, there are no independent engineers, though some organizational representative may have been engineers. Engineers were undoubtedly outnumbered by lawyers, ironworker union managers, OSHA, contractors, safety equipment suppliers, etc. I don;t mean that as a criticism of engineers or SENRAC, just a description.

Subsequent to the committee draft, public-review comments were collected, a hearing was held and a final meeting was held.  AISC issued a bulletin to inform our industry and the design community Both CASE and NCSEA submitted comments, but I do not have a copy of them Perhaps a representative of CASE and NCSEA could comment.