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RE: Backing Bars at CJP welds on Special Moment Frames Joints

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If I might make a comment that is OFF TOPIC as far as the title of the
thread is concerned (but which saves me from creating a whole 'nother thread
just so I can "rant"):

I saw that AWS now has a new edition of D1.1 (02). I am interested in
updating my library so I decided to look into ordering it.

My gosh, for the "nonmember" that sucker costs almost $400!!!

I know we've talked about this from time to time here, but this brings it up
again: How do these organizations justify this high cost?

It seems funny to me that a softcover "trade paperback" version of AWS D1.1
costs that much yet you can buy the brand new hardcover edition of the AISC
"Manual of Steel Construction" for less than HALF that amount! In fact the
member's price for ACI's "Manual of Concrete Practice" is about the same
price, and that thing is FIVE VOLUMES! So how does AWS arrive at that being
a reasonable price?

I think AWS D1.1 is a must-have for the basic library but at that price I'm
going to have to wait till the next "real project" (to quote Stan Caldwell)
comes along before I can justify the expense!

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company
Katy, TX, USA
Phone (281) 492-2251
FAX (281) 492-8203
email bill(--nospam--at)

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