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RE: Insurance

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I should mention that the Worker's Comp insurance was very low-cost, and
that my purchasing it was prompted by one of my industrial clients who
required a certificate of WC before I could come onto their property.

My insurance broker through which I have purchased ALL of my insurance
products assured me that it most CERTAINLY WOULD pay if I were injured while
on the job.

Valuable paper coverage was one that I forgot specifically, but it was
included in my "small office" package along with office effects, Gen.
Liability, etc.

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You don't need to buy Workers Comp for yourself even if you are
incorporatated. Only if you have employees. Make sure your homeowners policy
has an umbrella to cover you if your profesional liability (same thing as
E&O) doesn't cover the full amount. Buy cost of defense coverage. We have
had situations (gasp, I am not perfect) where the cost of defense exceeded
the settlement!

Also consider valuable paper coverage. Should there be a fire or water
damage this will cover your cost to replace the lost documents (physical or
electronic including accounting records.)

Make sure you inventory your equipment (computers, plotters, etc.) and list
them specifically with your homeowners carrier so that you are assured of

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