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High Cost of Professional Reference Material - was Re: Backing Bars ..

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For what its worth, this thread makes me wonder about the "print on demand" ads on radio and TV these days and whether the professional societies use that method to keep costs under control.

I don't know how many pages are in these documents, but the so-called cost per page would be of interest.  I'd also like some measure of "content density" after removed of repeatative information and such.  (Be warned, I have no clue how to measure that objectively.)

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Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 23:30:00 -0500
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Subject: Re: Backing Bars at CJP welds on Special Moment Frames Joints

> I agree with you that the cost is ridiculous.  I just recently joined the
> AWS ($50 for a year plus a $12 initiation fee) so that I could get the AWS
> D1.1-2002 for the $258 member price (still high but what can we do).  I'll
> have to wait until next month to order it though, I don't have the extra
> money right now.
> Albert J. Meyer, Jr.

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