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Re: UBC: How Do You Interpret 1997 UBC P

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Joe Venuti wrote:

. > Hind site is always easier when you have not liability  abd you were not
. > being pounded on by the client to get the job done last week.
. > Your opinion as to what should have been used as a live load
. > Today....may not be what even you used back then...
. > your both correct by code.
. > before you somewhat may come around to you some day.......
. > the crap they don't teach you in school...

And I would like to see Bill Polhemus' answer to the deposition question,
"Upon what have you relied on to base your opinion?"  (The attorney, if he
is worth his salt, would have this listservice thread in his hands before he
asks the question.)  And I would also like to see the answer to the question,
"Do you consider these [sources] authorities on the subject?"  (From my
understanding, "authority" has a specific legal definition.)

I also don't think that Bill Polhemus' attorney-client would particularly
relish Bill referring to him a "shyster."

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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