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Boussinesq analysis

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We are analyzing an existing foundation wall for
lateral load based on a changed vertical load adjacent
to it (we built up a pedestrian plaza with increased
dead load and pedestrian live load where the street
used to be).  We used equations from the textbook by
Das (Principles of Geotechnical Engineering) for strip
load surcharge.  They are the same in the 2nd Edition
(eq 5.38) and 3rd Edition (eq. 10.81) and include a
term involving q/H, where H is the wall height.

We gave it to an EIT to check.  When he pulled out his
textbook (Das, 4th Ed.) the term in the equation
(6.40) was q/pi.  I tend to believe this one, because
the units work out correctly.  Since our wall is 26
feet tall, our original analysis was off by a factor
of about 8.

The only other textbook we have available (we're stuck
in a satellite office), Bowles, does not deal with
this topic.  Can anyone confirm one or the other of
these equations for us?


Mike Hemstad
St. Paul, Minnesota

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