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Corley Testimony on WTC Analysis

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Subject: This Week in Washington - March 7, 2002

ASCE member Dr. W. Gene Corley, team lead for the American Society of
Civil Engineers' World Trade Center Building Performance Study (BPS)
Team, delivered testimony March 6th to the House Committee on Science on
the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings.  Dr. Corley testified
as part of a panel that also included representatives of the National
Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA).

Dr. Corley shared with the committee ASCE's initial response to the
disaster, including forming the BPS Team, and ongoing efforts with other
coalitions to examine the site and the factors involved in the collapse.

"On September 29th, the City of New York granted the team access to the
World Trade Center site and from October 7th to the 12th, the entire
team was on site.  The team was provided with unrestricted access to all
areas of the site except for areas where their presence might have
impeded the on-going rescue and recovery efforts and areas which were
determined to be extremely hazardous. =20

During this time period, team members also examined structural debris at
the Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island and at the two recycling yards
in New Jersey.  Samples of structural steel were obtained and have since
been subjected to laboratory analyses.  Professional engineers who are
members of the Structural Engineers Association of New York are
continuing this work on the team's behalf and have been visiting
recycling yards and landfills regularly since the beginning of November.
Additional samples of the structural steel have been obtained and are
presently being stored at the National Institute of Standards and
Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland for use in future studies. =20

Dr. Corley also addressed protocol for future Building Performance Study

"Obtaining access to the site is always difficult and clearly the search
and rescue efforts and any criminal investigation must take first
priority.  However, in all studies of this nature, gaining access to the
site as soon as possible is important in order to observe and document
the debris and site conditions.  For the future, it may be useful to
consider some protocol or process whereby selected individuals from the
Building Performance Study Team would be allowed on site in the initial
days after a catastrophic event to gather critical data."

A copy of Dr. Corley's full testimony can be obtained from ASCE's
website:  <>.

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