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RE: Concrete design flowchart

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My I suggest that Object-oriented design to be considered instead.

Our codes, not just ACI, have been getting so complicated that
flowcharts are no longer suitable to express the code requirements.
Some of the flowchart covers 4-5 pages which are extremely difficult to
use either for the understanding of the process or for preparing a

I wrote some of my own concrete programs using Fortran, Basic and C
before.  It may works for a while. Update it with code changes
(exceptions attached to the codes...) soon becomes impossible.  Sometime
a program no longer workable, it is because the material specification
has been changed.  I started to use the OOP about 8 years ago to
maintain a program which is currently used by a lot of you.  Switching
to OOP has been very rewarding to me.

I suggest that you give OOP a thought.

Szuchuan Chang

Ps:  that may be the reasons you don't see many flowcharts in the books
these days.

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Also try ACI publication SP-17

Steven A.
Los Angeles

George M Ghaly wrote:

> Anyone know of a technical reference/material that summarize the
> requirements
> of ACI-318 in a flowchart manner?
> Thanks in advance.

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