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I want to make a website for my business. A few questions

I know I need to get a domain name. They are 70 bucks for two years. Then
what do I do? I need to get a provider/host I think but I am not sure how
they work and what to look for when selecting one. Then I need to make the
website - correct? Without learning html, what are most of you doing for
this, buying a software that lets you design your website or do you hire
someone. I don't have a lot of stuff currently, but I would like it to be
expandable and fast so pictures load quickly.

Also, If I want to include photos of projects I have worked on in the past
when I was employed with other companies, do I need to list the company I
worked for at the time?


Gerard Madden, PE
Civil Engineer, Owner

540 Monroe Street
Santa Clara, CA 95050

T: 408.564.5515
F: 408.564.5530
E: gmadden(--nospam--at)

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