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RE: LPILE or Other (Laterally Loaded Pile Analysis)

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Title: RE: LPILE or Other (Laterally Loaded Pile Analysis)


Although less of a flashy GUI, you can download the following version of COM624P from this link:

From what I've seen, it is basically the analysis engine of Lpile because it is based on Reese's work.  Once you get the output file you can plot Moment vs. Depth, etc. from Excel. There is also a users manual for it available from NIST.

Hope this helps.


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Subject: LPILE or Other (Laterally Loaded Pile Analysis)

Does anyone know if the latest version of the LPILE (PLUS?) software is available anywhere for rent? Once every blue moon I have a laterally loaded pile problem to solve, but it isn't worth paying the $900 or so for this software. Seems like LPILE would be a perfect candidate for rental.

Otherwise, does anyone know of a similar program for prediction of response of piles under lateral loading, available at low or no cost?


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