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Re: how to make a web site for your business

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In response to "how to make a web site for your business" by
I recommend these few steps:

1-Try it is free domain name! and free templates
to start with!

2-If you did not like the templates and want to do your own page
design,knowing that you don't have to know html,i recommend you to use Front
page express.
Front page express is an easy to use program which helps you design your

Note 1: Save the first page as: index.html and then from this page provide
links to other pages on your domain,then upload it to the server.

Note 2:Upload all the images you included in your page into the proper
domain directory.

Good luck.
If you still have questions ,dont hesitate to email:

Pierre Kassaa
Phone (961) 3 789682
Civil Engineer
4th year student
Lebanese American University

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