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Re: bolt bending and shear

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>I have an odd situation where I need to connect two members  - say back to
>back channels for simplicity - with bolts welded to one channel.  The
>channels are separated by an inch or so (held in position by loose
>spacers).  The bolts need to transfer shear from one channel to the other
>and in doing so are bent.
This is a fairly easy problem to do with FEA, like an hour or so if it's
what I think. I gather the bending arises because the neutral axes of the
attached members are offset normal to the load path. I've seen some
manual calculations for this sort of thing associated with rivet lines
and with load transfer between a lug and a plate. They're not cookbook
charts or a table of bugger factors and they'll take you some time, but
they're pretty accurate.

If you want to chat about this some more, we can continue off list. Or

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