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RE: AutoCAD graphics question

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Thanks, everyone for the advice. I have ACAD 2002 still in the box, I hear it will do a direct conversion.
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Subject: Re: AutoCAD graphics question

I tried this.
1)    Converted dwg background to white
2)    Convert entire drawing to black line with "Modify Properties"
3)    "Export"-ed the drawing to *.wmf
4)    Opened up the *.wmf file through Windows Explorer, which invoked Adobe Photo in my case.  May open up some other imaging software in your case, if you have it
5)    Saved that image to *.jpg
And ... voila!  At first sight, little or no loss of data

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Subject: Re: AutoCAD graphics question

The only way to create a .JPG directly within autocad 14 is to perform a
render. However, if you have no three dimensional elements, it won't work.
You have to use an outside program to do either a screen capture or perhaps
adobe can convert the print file to a scanned image.

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