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Re: metal bld'g. cable cross bracing

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What about section 2213.8.2.3 ? This does not exclude the use of cross bracing system but it does force you into braces with compression capacity, doesn't it ?
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Subject: RE: metal bld'g. cable cross bracing

        The bracing described in your question is used to transfer the transverse and / or longitudinal  loads
        (wind or seismic) to the wall resisting elements.
        Besides the issues of serviceability (Deflections, stretching of the cables) there is nothing in the codes
        (UBC, IBC) that excludes this method of load transfer (Horizontal or Vertical)
        Note: diaphragms also include horizontal bracing systems (UBC 1627)
        Francois Rambau
        Star Building Systems
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Subject: metal bld'g. cable cross bracing

We are presently doing foundation design for some metal buildings. We are not responsible for review of manufacturers drawings but I am scratching my head about something.
Is there something unique to manufactured metal buildings that allows them to use both vertical (in wall) and horizontal (in roof) cable cross bracing for lateral resistance?