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RE: Concrete Shear Wall Below Grade; In-Plane / Out-of-Plane Behavior

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That is my contention as well.....if one follows the truss analogy commonly used in beam analysis, the vertical stirrups act as vertical tension members and the concrete acts as compressions struts between the approximate 45 degree diagonal tension cracks (interrupted by the vertical stirrups).....thus if you take the required steel area for the stirrups and the required area for flexural reinforcing and add (because your combining tensile loading) then you should be okay.........
Any other thoughts ?
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Subject: Re: Concrete Shear Wall Below Grade; In-Plane / Out-of-Plane Behavior

Yes.  The rebar doesn't know the difference between how it is loaded.  The provided area of steel needs to be a summation of the two requirements, for shear and tensile reinforcement.  It's no different than providing two separate bars for the two requirements.

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To all those informed concrete designers out there…'s a question for you……..(an item of discussion & debate)

Deep, reinforced concrete basement shear wall which is also experiencing out-of-plane loading from the soil.  Shear wall design indicates the need for horizontal and vertical stirrups as well as flexural steel in either end of the shear wall.  The vertical stirrups act as shear reinforcement to resist the in-plane shear load.  Can these same stirrups be used as flexural reinforcement for the out-of-plane loading from the soil ?  Not addressed in the PCA Notes on ACI 318-99 and have found nothing in three textbooks addressing the issue.


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