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Re: Concrete Shear Wall Below Grade; In-Plane / Out-of-Plane Behavior

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	It is my understanding that you can use the SAME BARS for both purposes
but that you must provide sufficient total area of steel such that

As(total) = As(bending) + As(shear)

at all critical locations.  You must also detail the bars to accommodate
both purposes.  If the bending action is two directional (which I don't
expect to be the case) then the above would apply in both directions.

	I hope this helps.


				H. Daryl Richardson

> Rogers, Robert wrote:
> To all those informed concrete designers out there?'s a question
> for you??..(an item of discussion & debate)
> Deep, reinforced concrete basement shear wall which is also
> experiencing out-of-plane loading from the soil.  Shear wall design
> indicates the need for horizontal and vertical stirrups as well as
> flexural steel in either end of the shear wall.  The vertical stirrups
> act as shear reinforcement to resist the in-plane shear load.  Can
> these same stirrups be used as flexural reinforcement for the
> out-of-plane loading from the soil ?  Not addressed in the PCA Notes
> on ACI 318-99 and have found nothing in three textbooks addressing the
> issue.
> Thanks
> Robert
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