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Excel: Custom Data Entry and Edit Form

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For all you excel users out there, see if you have any suggestions.

Say I have a project where I need to design 10 steel beams.  I can create a spreadsheet that will do all the design checks for a given set of input data, thats no problem, but after designing 10 beams I would have 10 different spreadsheets.  

I would like to create a workbook where I can enter the input data sets using a custom form which would store the data in a table on one of the other worksheets in the same workbook.  Then in my calculation sheets I would select which data set to calculate on using a combo box to pick the data set.

I have no probelm using the combo box to lookup the data in the table, but does anyone know of a simple (i.e. no VBA) way to create a form that will allow me to enter and edit the data in my data table?

Thanks for your help.


Tripp Howard

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