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RE: Foundation Min. reinforcement

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Keep in mind also that the ACI now requires footings to have minimum
temperature steel.  This is in section 10.5.4 of ACI 318-99.   This section
is under the subject of "Minimum reinforcement of flexural members",
however, even if you don't consider it a flexural member, I would use
minimum temperature steel.

Ed Haninger, S.E.
Aliso Viejo, CA

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The minimum reinforcement you refer to is for flexural members. Unless you
expect major relative settlement, or the soil is so bad that it provides
little no support, the footing is not a flexural element IMHO. Therefore,
the 1 or 2 #5's at top and bottom is mainly intended for minor settlement
crack control.

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA

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     Fellow Engineers,

     We normally design footings and grade beams with 1 or 2 # 5 T & B
     whatever is needed for the design moment) but we don't use the
     reinforcement requirements for regular beams such as 200/Fy. Can you
     me to where the code makes the distinction between regular beam
     reinforcement and grade beams.


     Ed Najjarine, P.E.

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