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RE: Excel: Custom Data Entry and Edit Form

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I believe that to use the custom form you would need code (VBA) to write it back to a worksheet.  The code would be fairly easy to do... similar to "" ThisDocument.worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1")= txtBeamDepth.text "".  However, if you want to avoid VBA then why not just input the data directly onto the other worksheet and skip the form altogether?
VBA is pretty powerful... with it you could input all of the beams then press one button that would design all ten beams and printout a report for each design.... (as long as you trust the design logic on the XL sheet being used)
I have used a similar procedure in the past to design a series of tapered beams by inputting start depth, end depth, beam material, brace locations, and other design parameters (Mx, My, V, K, Cb, Cm, Stress Increase, etc.) per each cross-section location to check (had it figure depth at each section to save 1 hand calc).  It worked pretty slick ended up checking roughly 12 sections on each beam with about 10 different beams.  Turned out the VBA code could design the beams and tell the printer to print the report in about 5-10 minutes... but I had to wait another 10 minutes on the printer though.
Greg Effland, P.E.
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Subject: Excel: Custom Data Entry and Edit Form

For all you excel users out there, see if you have any suggestions.

Say I have a project where I need to design 10 steel beams.  I can create a spreadsheet that will do all the design checks for a given set of input data, thats no problem, but after designing 10 beams I would have 10 different spreadsheets.  

I would like to create a workbook where I can enter the input data sets using a custom form which would store the data in a table on one of the other worksheets in the same workbook.  Then in my calculation sheets I would select which data set to calculate on using a combo box to pick the data set.

I have no probelm using the combo box to lookup the data in the table, but does anyone know of a simple (i.e. no VBA) way to create a form that will allow me to enter and edit the data in my data table?

Thanks for your help.


Tripp Howard

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