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Re: Structural Draftsman salaries?

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Draftsman salaries vary widely, and not all firms are willing (able?) to pay
salaries that reflect the actual value of draftmen.

I have seen salaries for draftmen range from a mere $15,000 for entry-level to
upwards of $60,000 for especially competent men and women, not counting
bonuses, profit sharing, and shareholder profits (yes, some drafters CAN become
shareholders).  Keep in mind, these are Arkansas salaries.

The only constants seem to be the ability of the draftsman and the level of
respect draftsmen receive in a firm.

If you feel you are underpaid, I encourage you to shop around or ask your boss
for a raise, whichever seems appropriate.  Skilled and talented draftmen are
highly prized by firms that lack them but know the value of such human capital.

-Keith Fix, PE
-Little Rock, Arkansas

--- Jeff George <jageorge72(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> I apologize for asking a non-structural engineering question, but I think I
> could get some
> good answers/feedback from the people on this list.
> How much $$$ do your structural drafters make?
> I am a draftsman w/ about 8 years of experience drawing/detailing structural
> contract
> documents.   I need very little help from the engineers to complete a quality
> set of drawings.
> I set all bottom of footing/top of pier elevations (coord. w/ site, mech.),
> locate frost walls,
> slab depressions, all floor & roof steel elevations, detail all cornice
> conditions, brick support,
> drain all roofs, complete column schedule, typical details, general notes,
> etc.....
> I feel I do a very thorough/accurate job (typically on large/complex schools
> & hospitals).
> I work at an architect firm, with in-house engineering.
> My question/ I being paid fairly?   This is the only
> place I've worked,
> so I guess I don't really have a good grasp on what I should be making?
> I think my position is a LOT more difficult and carries a LOT more
> responsibility than
> management realizes.   Now, I do not size footings or steel, but I do make
> everything work.
> (Which is no easy task!!!)
> Even little mistakes on my part can cost the company a lot of $$$$$.
> .....and the
> engineer can't be expected to check my numbers, or he might as well do it
> himself.
> It's my responsibility to get it right.
> I know I catch a lot of problems before jobs go out to bid, & they become
> serious problems
> .....but who notices?   I know the engineer does, but he's not paying me.
> Sometimes I feel
> I'm paid/treated like I'm right out of school doing mindless copy work & red
> marks.
> Anyway..................what is a good structural drafter worth?   ....with 2
> or 3 years of
> experience?   ......with 7 to 8 years of experience??   Also, please include
> your city, so I
> can factor in cost-of-living.   Maybe I AM being paid fairly??    I don't
> know......
> Thanks for any responses........and again, sorry for the non-technical
> question!

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