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RE: mold growth on joists

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Mushrooms are fungi and are feeding on the wood.  If you leave fungi on the
wood, and they don't die on their own, you have not solved the problem as the
fungi are continuing to feed on the wood.  They are like blood sucking
leeches on human or animal bodies, drawing the life out of their host.

See Wood Handbook, 1999 Edition, Chapter 13, "Biodeterioration of Wood."

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Jeff Fertich wrote:

. > Any words of wisdom as to the damaged caused by the growth of mold on wood
. > joists, and by mold I mean mushrooms and hairy looking stuff and filmy
. > looking stuff.  Some joists have obvious degradation noted by shoving a
. > awl in and through the joists, the problem is: after the moisture  and
. > ventilation is fixed, what do we do with the joists that are still hard,
. > seemily undamaged, can we leave the stuff adhered to the side of the
. > joists?

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