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Re: Structural Draftsman salaries?

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I know of some structural techs in the VA hampton roads area that are making
in the mid 40's with about your experience. I also know of some techs in the
DFW and San Antonio area of TX that also earn about the same with similar
experience. Go for the bucks.

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Subject: Structural Draftsman salaries?
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 12:58:04 -0500

I apologize for asking a non-structural engineering question, but I think I
could get some
good answers/feedback from the people on this list.

How much $$$ do your structural drafters make?

I am a draftsman w/ about 8 years of experience drawing/detailing
structural contract
documents.   I need very little help from the engineers to complete a
quality set of drawings.
I set all bottom of footing/top of pier elevations (coord. w/ site, mech.),
locate frost walls,
slab depressions, all floor & roof steel elevations, detail all cornice
conditions, brick support,
drain all roofs, complete column schedule, typical details, general notes,

I feel I do a very thorough/accurate job (typically on large/complex
schools & hospitals).
I work at an architect firm, with in-house engineering.

My question/ I being paid fairly?   This is the only
place I've worked,
so I guess I don't really have a good grasp on what I should be making?
I think my position is a LOT more difficult and carries a LOT more
responsibility than
management realizes.   Now, I do not size footings or steel, but I do make
everything work.
(Which is no easy task!!!)
Even little mistakes on my part can cost the company a lot of $$$$$.
.....and the
engineer can't be expected to check my numbers, or he might as well do it
It's my responsibility to get it right.
I know I catch a lot of problems before jobs go out to bid, & they become
serious problems
.....but who notices?   I know the engineer does, but he's not paying me.
Sometimes I feel
I'm paid/treated like I'm right out of school doing mindless copy work &
red marks.

Anyway..................what is a good structural drafter worth?   ....with
2 or 3 years of
experience?   ......with 7 to 8 years of experience??   Also, please
include your city, so I
can factor in cost-of-living.   Maybe I AM being paid fairly??    I don't

Thanks for any responses........and again, sorry for the non-technical

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