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RE: EIT exam preparation

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As a last resort (or maybe as a first resort) program your calculator to
generate random numbers in the range of the guesses you have to make.  For a
question that you don't have the foggiest on, use your calculator! <G>  It's
better than a guess, because to make a guess, you have to think which would
be the logically correct answer.

A. Roger Turk, MEAMGT

Phillip Rogers wrote:

. > I can give you some pointers on how I passed it in
. > 2000.  My college offered a review class for half of
. > the semester.  Try to get into one of those.  If that
. > is not available at least try to get into a study
. > group with some other students.  As a review guide, I
. > used a green book titled "Fundamental of Engineering
. > Review" ed. Potter (Great Lakes Press).  I used it
. > only as a review of sections that I knew I needed
. > refreshing in (I did not read it from cover to cover).
. >  For example, if you are a CE/SE student you won't
. > have to worry about the mechanics sections.  I
. > strongly advise that you spend a lot of time reviewing
. > math/calculus.  That section will make or break you.

. > As far as the test.  My professor told us to pretty
. > much pick the sections to concentrate on and accept
. > that there will be sections that you haven't had the
. > needed exposure to (For me the Thermo and Circuits
. > sections were the toughest).  It would help to learn
. > the introductory concepts for such sections in order
. > to have stronger educated guesses.

. > The morning section is not so bad.  But, as you will
. > see, the afternoon test is a whole different animal
. > and worth more too.  Always work through the whole
. > section skipping the tougher ones and then go back for
. > another look.  Many times you will end up figuring it
. > out after the second look.  Also don't be discouraged
. > when you skip a lot more questions in the afternoon
. > session.  It is designed to be more difficult.  Also,
. > if you are going to guess when you have no idea of the
. > correct answer or are running out of time, pick your
. > favorite letter and stick with it (for me it was C).
. > This increases the probability of selecting more
. > correct answers.

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