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EQ resistant Design

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Dear Friends,

In the Indian Standard code of practice for EQ resistant Design of
buildings a factor called performance factor K is considered to
calculate the Lateral forces acting on the buildings. This performance
factor essentially depends on the ductility or rigidity of the

1) For a Moment resisting frame  with ductile detailing performance
factor K=1.0 ( Less
    Lateral force)

2) For Frames having shear walls / bracings the performance factor K=1.3
(30% more
    lateral force as compared to above) provided the Moment resisting
frames are
    designed to carry 25% of the lateral force. Again ductile detailing
for these elements
    is required.

3) For Moment resisting frames without ductile detailing performance
factor K=1.6(60%
    more than the 1st case).

To me it is not clear for item no 2. should the Lateral analysis of the
frames and the shear wall/bracings  be carried out seperately to achieve
the 25% force to be carried by the Moment resisting frames and rest by
the Shear walls/bracings.

What is the provisions in your country codes??

Is UBC available on the net?

Vijay Patil

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