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PE/SE distinction

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With all these questions about the California SE exam, I have a couple of
questions.  I recently passed my PE for Rhode Island (yay!), having taken
the NCEES "Structural I" exam.  My stamp has the word "Structural" on it.
Massachusetts works similarly, with regular "Civil" stamps, and the newer
stamps issued to those passing the Structural I having word "Structural".

I also notice that some peoples signatures on this group use the letters
"SE" instead of "PE".

So what am I? a PE or an SE?


BTW, I when I took the NCEES "Structural I" exam in October of 2001, there
were *way* more than eight questions.  Is the Structural I and SE I listed
below not the same thing?  It is my understanding that currently the NCEES
"Structural II" exam is like what is described below as "Structural I".


<begin Quote>
Is California SE exam different than the NCEES exam?

For SE I, NCEES exam, there are eight questions- four in the morning and =
four in the afternoon.

For SE II NCEES exam, there are two questions- one in the morning and one =
in the afternoon.

If you have a right materials i.e. books/handbooks, you could do well in =
the SE exam.

In SEII exam, you may have to concentrate the area/disciplinerelated to =
either bridges or buildings. If you concentrate on the bridge examples on =
both sessions, you need books on bridges such as AISC Highway Handbooks =
(f.k.a. USS STEEL Highway Handbooks), Caltran Bridge Design Manual, C.P =
Heins books, Professor Priestley's book, and some other books related to =
the Bridge Design. For the afternoon session FHWA Seismic Publications =
would certainly help. FHWA publications come in eight parts. You can =
borrow the FHWA publications from the EERC library.

If you concentrate in the buildings you need some of the IBC publications, =
Professors Paulay and Priestley book, PCA Books,some handbooks especially =
Rger L. Brockenbrough, Books related to steel design and wood Engineering =
Hand book.

Depending upon the literature allows in the exam, please sort out the =
material you need.

When I took my SE II exam, I concenntrate on the Bridge design discipline =
and took limited books on the bridge design and the FHWA Seismic Publicatio=
ns in eight parts.=20

For safety, I took PCA book, Professor Paulay book and Bowles book on the =
foundation in case I couldn,t able to solve the bridge problem.

I hope this will help you. Of course the other readers will provide you =
some more information.


Himat Solanki

<End Quote>

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