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Re: Any recommendations on maximum permitted areas of slab pour?

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] I'm not sure there are any publications that address the issue but the intent of restricting pour size is to acknowledge that, at least in an elevated slab,  there is a limit to how much the typical contractor can get poured and finished in a reasonable amount of time,  without major panic and without anyone getting hurt.

Also,  6000 sq ft, although not a real large area, is still quite a few trucks if you are pouring say a 10 in. slab.  The larger the pour, the more time you spend moving pipes, buggies, etc, thus the more you have to worry about stacking trucks out on the street.  6000 sq ft does seem on the small side though,  I think 10,000 sq ft is more commonly what I have seen.

Pavements and airports tend to be done in much larger pours.   When they redid the parking aprons or whatever they did at McCarran (Las Vegas) a few years ago,  they had some very large pours.  I think the pour size was mostly limited by how many trucks they could get.