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Design References for Complex Light Wood Framed Roof

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I'm in an IBC high wind region here in Savannah GA.  The local authorities have mandated that all new residential construction with roof slopes of 7:12 and greater require plans stamped by a registered engineer or architect in order to get a building permit.  We do very little light framed residential construction in our office, but for certain big clients we need to be able to provide that service.

The biggest problem I'm having is with the roof framing.  It seems nobody around here wants a nice simple gabled roof-line.  They want hipped ends every where, big dormers, high pitches (10:12), and of course, they want lots of open floor and attic space.  The only way I can seem to make most of this work is to put a bunch of LVL/PSL beams in the ceiling plane and build up short knee-walls or posts to support the ends of all the hip/valley beams and really long joists.  It can get real complicated real quick.  I would use metal-plate-connected wood trusses but that wouldn't give me the attic space everyone wants.

Does anyone know of any good references on the design of this type of roof system?  Also, could anyone point me to some example construction plans that show how to communicate all the ceiling joists and rafter arrangements?  Any pointers you have would be greatly appreciated.


Tripp Howard


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