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RE: IBC 1617.1.1 D=?

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Equation 16-28 and 16-29 say E=rho*Qe -+.2*Sds*D. E is the earthquake force to be used in load combinations. Qe is the effect from horizontal seismic  forces. .2*Sds*D is the vertical component of seismic force.  The dead load still needs to be used in code load combinations.
Alternative ASD load combinations:
(Eq 16-17)     D+L+S+E/1.4 =  D+L+S+[rho*Qe + -.2*Sds*D]/1.4
(Eq 16-19)     .9*D+E/1.4 =  .9*D+[rho*Qe + -.2*Sds*D]/1.4
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What is the rationale underlying this diminished portion of D to
take account for the vertical components of seismic force, regardless
the structural type, and regardless the seismic zone ( crustal or
subductive earthquakes ) ?
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D=dead load.  The .2*Sds*D is the vertical component of seismic force.  The .2*Sds is supposed to be multiplied by the weight and the force is applied in the up-down direction.
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Subject: IBC 1617.1.1 D=?

I am trying to go through a design using the new IBC 2000 and I have a question regarding Equation 16-28 (page 357).  I thought I understood what they were doing until I read "D = The effect of dead load".  Is this correct or was it meant to be "The effective dead load"?  I guess it is a similar question for "QE = The effect of horizontal seismic forces".  If it is correct as written, I don't think I understand the formulas.
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