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Re: anchor problem

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	Here are some "Man from Mars" solutions which you might consider.
There are potential problems with all of them; but maybe one will work
for you.

1.) Can you make do with only three anchor bolts?

2.) Weld an extension onto the anchor bolt.

3.) Weld the base plate to the short anchor bolt; use nuts for the other

4.) Drill out the base plate to completely clear a nut; weld a 1/2" (or
thicker) plate washer to the nut and thread the nut over the anchor
bolt.  The plate washer will bear on top of the base plate and the nut
will go down inside the oversized hole in the base plate.

	Hope one of these ideas will work or give you another idea which will


				H. Daryl Richardson

imran khan wrote:
> A contractor called me this morning regarding a steel building I
> designed recently. It turns out that they do not have enough
> projection for a column anchor bolt. This column has 4 anchor bolts, 3
> are OK but the top of one bolt is flush with top of base plate.
> This column has 100 kip axial load plus some moment due to wind. No
> earthquake loads. There is also no space in existing base plate to
> drill another anchor.
> I can think of two options, first option is to weld a plate to
> existing base plate and drill and grout new anchor, second option is
> to add more thread to existing anchor using a coupler.
> Does anyone have any other solutions
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